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A Story About Time

Once An Old Man And A Young Man Were Sitting On The Banks Of A Stormy And Stormy River.

“Sir,” The Student Asked, “Why Does Time Flow Smoothly, But Always Fluctuates, Or Slows Down To A Complete Stop, Or Rushes Like A Cow With A Thistle Under Its Tail?”

Master Looked At The Bubbling Water And Replied, “You See That There Are Several Large Stones And Many Small Pebbles In The River. Imagine That The River Is Your Life.

If You Are Only Happy About Big Events – For Example, Your Wedding, Which Will Take Place Next Month, Or Like The Birth Of A Child, Which You Will Have In A Year, Or A New Business That You Start In Five Years – Then You Will Cross Your Life In Several Jumps, As From One Stone To Another.

Otherwise, If You Move In Small Steps Over The Pebbles, Rejoicing In Little Things: A Sunny Day, The Beauty Of An Autumn Forest, A Good Conversation, Then Looking Back At Your Life, You Will See Not Ten Large Stones, But Many Of Your Own Footprints, And Each Of Them You Will Be Able To Remember With A Happy Smile, And You Will See That The Path You Have Crossed Is Much Longer.

“But Teacher, When I Love, Or When I Do What I Like, Or When I Talk With Friends – Time Flies By. But Time Drags On When I Am In Pain When I Am Afraid Or When I Am Lonely.

” You See, – The Old Man Answered Thoughtfully, – It Should Be So. When We Are Unhappy, We Do Not Live, But Only Exist, So Time Is Still In Our Wallets. And Only For Our Happiness, We Pay The Ringing Coin Of The Time That We Still Have Left. “

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