The Crab and His Mother

The Crab and His Mother Story

One day, a mother crab and her baby were walking together. Little Crab walked a little ahead of Mother.

After a while Mother Crab said, “Why do you lean to one side when you walk, my child?”

Crab turned around, looked at his Mother and asked: “Why, Mother, what is wrong with my gait?”

Mother Crab replied: “It doesn’t look good.

You look much better when you walk straight and forward.” The young Crab said, “Maybe it’s true, Mom. But I can’t walk straight. So if you show me how to walk straight, I promise to do it too.”

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His Mother readily agreed and said, “Now look closely.

When Mother tried to walk straight, she couldn’t walk like that.

She kept trying, but she couldn’t walk straight. Tired, she said to her son: “I’m sorry I scolded you. I can’t walk straight myself. How can I ask you for this?” She then told her son, “You keep walking the way you walk!”

The Crab and His Mother Story Moral

An example is stronger than speech.

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