The Hawk And The Nightingale

The Hawk And The Nightingale Story

The hungry hawk searched all day for food, but found nothing. In the evening, just before leaving for home, he saw a nightingale sitting on a tree branch.

He thought, “Finally, I won’t have to go to bed hungry.”

The hawk flew into a tree, firmly caught the nightingale in its claws, and flew to the rock. The nightingale was frightened in the paws of a hawk.

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She said to Hawk, “Great Hawk, I sing very sweetly. I will sing beautiful songs for you. Please spare my life.” The hawk replied, “Oh no! No music can sound good on an empty stomach!”

The nightingale said again, “Oh Mighty Hawk, please don’t kill me. I am such a small bird. I can’t satisfy your hunger.”

The hawk smiled wickedly and said, “Better to have something in your belly than to have nothing at all.

Besides, the little bird I have is more important to me than the big one I didn’t catch.”

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Having said this, the hawk swallowed the nightingale in one gulp!

The Hawk And The Nightingale Story Moral

It is useless to beg a cruel enemy.

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