King Bruce And The Spider

King Bruce And The Spider Short Story, King Bruce And The Spider Short Story In English. King Bruce And The Spider Short Story In Hindi.

King Bruce And The Spider Story

Once upon a time, when Scotland was not part of England, it was ruled by King Robert Bruce. The Scottish king was as brave as he was wise. The King of England led his great army into Scotland in order to drive King Bruce out of Scotland. King Bruce refused to give up his country and gathered an army and decided to fight for his country. His army was very small compared to the English army. Even so, King Bruce led his army into battle fearlessly. Battle after battle has been fought. Six times King Bruce led his small army of brave men, and six times they were defeated. After fighting every battle, the Scottish army had to run for their lives. The army was shattered and lost all hope. In the end, the Scottish army scattered and King Bruce was forced into hiding for his life. He had to run away, he hid in the woods and among the lonely mountains.

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King Bruce was also discouraged. He had lost his army, the courage of his heart was fading little by little each day. Without an army, the king did not know what to do next. He wandered the woods alone, growing weaker every day and losing hope. One day, it suddenly started to rain heavily. Seeking shelter, King Bruce found an empty cave. The king was very tired and sick at heart. He was ready to lose all hope. As he lay on the cold ground thinking about giving up, he saw a small spider. The spider was trying to finish weaving its web on the roof of the cave, but somehow it kept slipping. The king was very fascinated by the spider. He looked at him. The spider climbed up and somehow lost its balance and slid down. “Poor thing,” Bruce said, with great sadness, “You too know what it’s like to fail.” But to the king’s surprise, the spider didn’t give up. The king noticed that each time the spider slipped, it came up more cautiously than before. Six times the spider slipped and tried for the seventh time. As the king sat there staring at the spider, he almost forgot his worries and failure.

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Finally, the spider reached the web and completed it on the seventh try. King Bruce was moved by the little creature. Watching the little creature try again and again filled the king with new hope and strength. The king decided that he would raise his army once more. When the rain stopped that day, King Bruce came out of the cave and said, “I too will try the seventh time!” The king called upon his brave and faithful men. He told them of his plans and sent them back to his country to bring more men for his army. The faithful did as they were told and brought back more men. King Bruce formed a stronger army than before and again led his army into battle and this time the Scottish army was not defeated. The king has reconquered his kingdom. Years later, as King Bruce’s hair turned gray, he still remembered the rainy day in the cave. The spider had taught him to try and try, try until he achieved success. This lesson has never been forgotten.

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King Bruce And The Spider Story Moral

Try And Try Again Until You Succeed.