Seeker Of Truth

Seeker Of Truth Story

One Day, After Years Of Searching, The Seeker Was Advised To Go To A Cave, In Which He Would Find A Well. The Seeker Ask The Well What The Truth Is, What Was Advised To Him ?

The Well Will Reveal It Found Good, A Fundamental Question, And The Answer Came From The Depths. Go To The Village Crossroads, There You Will Find What You Are Looking For.

With Full Of Hope And Expectation, The Man Ran Out To The Intersection And Found Only Three Rather Uninteresting Shops. One Store Sold Metal Spare Parts, Other Sold Wood And Thin Wires Were Sold In The Third.

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It Seemed That No One And No One Was Particularly Involved In Revealing The Truth. The Frustrated Seeker Returned To The Well To Demand An Explanation, But The Well Was Told That Only You Will Understand It In The Future.

When The Person Protests Against Everything He Has Received In Return, If The Echoes Of His Own Screams Are Outraged At Being Made A Fool.

So He Thought As The Seeker Continued His Wanderings In Search Of Truth As The Years Passed From Memory His Experiences At The Well Gradually Subsided, Until One Night, While He Was Walking In The Moonlight, The Sitar Music Caught His Attention.

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It Was Beautiful Music And Was Played With Great Skill And Inspiration Deeply Moved The Seeker Of Truth Felt Attracted To The Player.

Looking At The Fingers Dancing On The Strings, He Realized The Sitar Himself, And Then Suddenly Exploded With A Cry Of Joyful Confession. The Sitar Was Made Of Wires, Pieces Of Metal, And Wood, Just Like The Ones He Had Once Seen In Three Stores.

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He Thought It Was Unimportant, Finally, He Understood The Message That Well Had Already Been Given Everything We Needed, Our Task Was To Collect.

Seeker Of Truth Story Moral

In Life, The Meaning Of The Well Was That You Were Given Everything That You Did Not Need. Nothing Significant, As Long As You Perceive Only Individual Fragments, But As Soon As The Fragments Merge Into A Beautiful Combination, A New Entity Appears, The Nature Of Which You Could Not Have Foreseen, Looking Only At The Fragments In Order To See The Whole Picture.

Don’t Be Afraid To Dream, They Must Live, They Must Live.