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Well And The Dog

The Mother Dog And Her Puppies Lived On The Farm. There Was A Well On The Farm. The Mother Dog Always Told Her Puppies To Never Go Near Her Or Play With Her.

One Day One Of The Puppies Got Curious And Wondered Why They Were Not Allowed To Come To The Well. So He Decided He Wanted To Investigate It.

He Went Down To The Well And Climbed Over The Wall To Look Inside. In The Well, He Saw Himself Reflected In The Water, But Thought It Was Another Dog. The Little Puppy Got Angry When His Reflection Imitated Him, So He Decided To Fight It.

The Little Puppy Jumped Into The Well And Found That The Dog Was Not There. He Started Barking And Barking Until The Farmer Came To Rescue Him. The Puppy Learned His Lesson And Never Returned To The Well Again.

Moral Of The Story

Always Listen To What The Elders Have To Say And Do Not Reject Them.

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