Tony The Lonely Goat

Tony The Lonely Goat Story

Tony was a very lonely goat. He was often seen wandering the mountains in search of a friend. One day, when he came to the river and saw a small goat in the water,

he bleated happily: “Will you be my friend?”

The fish in the river laughed loudly: “You stupid goat, you are talking to your reflection!”

Tony was surprised. When he got home, tears welled up in his eyes and he thought, “I’m so unlucky, I don’t have any friends or siblings.”

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As soon as he got home, his father hugged him tightly. “Welcome Tony, see what we have for you!” Tony hurried to the backyard and saw a little white goat lying next to his mother.

This is your sister! exclaimed his mother. Tony bleated happily, “I’ll never be alone again!”

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