The Ass And The Gardener

The Ass And The Gardener Story

One day the donkey got into an accident and lost his tail. He was very saddened by this loss. He cried all day and lost his tail. He thought, “I miss my tail. I think I should go and look for him!”

The donkey walked through the meadow in search of its tail. He was crying when he entered the garden. He crushed the plants under his feet, lost in his own thoughts. The gardener saw the donkey and became alert.

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He thought, “This donkey has come into my garden to spoil my plants and eat my vegetables.” I’ll have to save my garden from him!”

The gardener went into his cottage and brought scissors. When he saw the donkey walking over to his vegetables and plants, he got angry. He shouted at the donkey, but the donkey did not listen to him.

The gardener ran up to the donkey and cut off both of his ears. The donkey was shocked and wept in pain. Now, in addition to his tail, he was also crying because of the loss of his ears!

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The Ass And The Gardener Moral

We must not lose our minds in difficult times, because then we may face great losses.

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