The Lion

The Lion Story

The Leopard King happily ruled his kingdom.

However, one day a lion cub was born in a distant part of the Kingdom. The leopard felt sorry that the poor cub did not have a father. But Prime Minister Fox knew that when Lion Cub grew up, there would be problems.

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Lions always respect friendship and never needlessly fight with other animals. So he advised the Leopard: “It is wise to be friends with the Lion Cub in order to control his power.”

The Leopard King didn’t listen. Many years later. The cub has grown into a big lion! He was bold, vigilant, and intelligent. He began to show his strength.

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The fox again pleaded with the Leopard: “Before he completely destroys us, please give the Lion part of the kingdom, some oxen and other animals so that they can eat. We can live in peace in another part of the Kingdom.”

“No, I will not give him any part of my kingdom!” The leopard again refused the Fox’s advice.

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Very soon, the Lion became so powerful that he slowly conquered the Leopard Kingdom and became the King instead!

The Lion Story Moral

If there is a strong person in your life, make sure he is your friend!