The Unfriendly River

The Unfriendly River Story

There lived a river. This river was rather unfriendly and lonely. River couldn’t remember how long ago he’d decided he didn’t want to put up with anything or anyone anymore. He lived alone, refusing to share his water with any fish, plant, or animal.

So, his life continued, sad and filled with loneliness, for many centuries. One day a little girl came to the bank of this river with a bowl of goldfish. In the bowl lived a scamp, her favorite fish. The girl was going to move to another country, and she could not take Scamp with her.

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So she decided to let Scamp go free. When Scamp fell into the river, he immediately felt the loneliness of the river. Scamp tried to talk to the river, but the river told Scamp to leave. Skump was a very happy fish and wasn’t going to give up so easily. He asked and asked, swam and swam, and finally began to jump in and out of the water.

The river, feeling all the jumps and splashes, began to laugh. It’s ticklish! After a while, this put River in such a good mood that he started talking to Scamp. Almost unaware of it, Rogue and River became very good friends by the end of that day.

River spent the night thinking about how great it was to have friends and how much he had lost by not having them. He asked himself why he never had them, but he couldn’t remember. The next morning, Naughty woke up the river with a few playful splashes, And then the river remembered why he chose to be such an unfriendly river.

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He remembered that he was very ticklish, and that he would not be able to endure! Now he remembered perfectly how he told everyone to get out that he was not going to put up with all this tickling. But remembering how sad and lonely he felt for so many years, River realized that while it can be a little awkward or awkward at times, it’s always better to have friends and try to be happy.

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