The Warm Whale

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The Warm Whale Story

Nemo the whale lived in a small salt lake. She was the only whale in the area and led a very comfortable life. In fact, this easy life has made her a bit fussy. But once there was such an incredibly hot summer that the water in the lake really warmed up.

Nemo, accustomed to such an ideal existence, could hardly stand hot water. The little fish, who spent some time in a child’s bowl of goldfish, told Nemo that people use fans to cool themselves off in the summer. Since then, Nemo the whale couldn’t think of anything else but to build his own fan.

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Everyone told her that she was overreacting and that the heat would soon pass, but Nemo got to work building his huge fan. When it was finally over, she began to inflate herself. Unlucky Pisces! The giant fan hit the waters of the Little Lake so hard that huge waves rolled right over it.

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Waves crashed on the shore of the lake, leaving the lake half empty, with Nemo stuck in just a few inches of water. “You couldn’t just hold out for a while. You had to empty the lake,” some angry fish scolded her.

“So impatient! So selfish!” others shouted. But the worst thing for Nemo was not the insults, but the fact that with such a small amount of water around her, the heat became unbearable.

Preparing to die from heatstroke, she said goodbye to all her friends and they asked for her forgiveness. She assured them all that if she had to live again, she would become stronger and learn to put up with life’s inconveniences.

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However, once again Nemo the whale overreacted. She managed to survive those hot days without dying, although, of course, she suffered. When the next rains came, the lake filled up again and the weather improved.

Naturally, Nemo had to keep her promise and show everyone that she had learned not to be so dependent on comfort, so impatient and so fussy.