City Mouse And The Country Mouse

City Mouse And The Country Mouse Story

The City Mouse And The Country Mouse Were Friends. One Day, A Village Mouse Invited Her Friend To Visit Him At Her House In The Field. The City Mouse Came And They Sat Down To A Meal Of Barley And Root Vegetables, The Latter Having A Distinctly Earthy Taste.

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The Scent Did Not Suit The Taste Of The Guest, And Soon He Burst Out With The Words: “Poor My Dear Friend, You Live Here No Better Than Ants. Now Look How I’m Doing! My Pantry Is A Cornucopia.

You Must Come And Stay With Me, And I Promise That You Will Live On The Fat Of The Earth. “So When He Returned To The City, He Took A Country Mouse With Him And Showed Him A Pantry Containing Flour, Oatmeal, Figs, Honey And Dates.

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The Country Mouse Had Never Seen Anything Like It And Sat Down To Enjoy The Luxury That His Friend But Before Then They Started, The Pantry Door Opened And Someone Walked In. Both Mice Ran Away And Hid In A Narrow And Extremely Uncomfortable Hole. Soon, When Everything Calmed Down, They Decided To Leave Again. But Someone Entered, And They Ran Away Again.

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Too Much For A Visitor. “Goodbye,” He Said, “I’m Leaving. I See That You Live In Luxury, But You Are Surrounded By Danger, And At Home, I Can Be Calm. Enjoy My Simple Dinner Of Root Vegetables And Corn.”

The City Mouse And The Country Mouse Moral

Safety First.