Wild Swans

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Wild Swans Story For Kids, Wild Swans Story For Kids In English.

Wild Swans Story

Once upon a time, there lived eleven brothers and one sister. There were eleven princes and one princess was named Eliza. In the same castle, an evil queen lived with them. She was actually a witch. She hated Eliza and the eleven princes. The queen did not want the little ones at the castle. She thought, “I’ll make them go away!” “. She cast a spell, “Abra Ka Dabra!” She kept saying these words until the eleven princes became swans. All the little princes were now swans and they looked like swans. The queen went to Eliza and turned her face black with her dark magic. Eliza went to the lake and started washing her face.

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Her face has become as beautiful as before. The swans learned where the princess was. They flew towards the lake. After sunset, all the swans became princes again. “Ah, there you are! Eliza said happily. The next day, at sunrise, all the princes became swans again. They flew through the sky with Eliza and arrived at a mysterious island. Suddenly an angel appeared and said, “If you make nettle shirts for your brothers, they will become princes again!” But you can’t talk to anyone while you’re making the clothes. Eliza was a devoted sister and so she picked up the nettle and started making the shirts. Her hand started to bleed but she thought, “I’ll do it for my brothers!” In the island, a handsome king passed by where Eliza was sitting.

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He immediately fell in love with the beautiful princess. He asked, “Will you marry me?” She nodded without saying anything. The King and Princess Eliza are married. But people thought their new queen was weird. “Queen Eliza only does clothes all day! Maybe it’s a witch! people wondered. The inhabitants of this kingdom wondered if she was a witch and therefore shouted at her to leave their kingdom. She thought, “I just want to finish making the clothes.” Finally, she finished her work. After she finished, she threw the nettle shirts to the swans. All the swans have become princes again. The princes were finally free from the witch’s magic. After that, Eliza could finally speak. They lived happily ever after.

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