The Very Vain Butterfly

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The Very Vain Butterfly Story For Kids, The Very Vain Butterfly Story For Kids In English.

The Very Vain Butterfly Story

In the meadow full of beautiful flowers lived a beautiful butterfly. This butterfly had wings that looked like two little rainbows. He had never seen another creature as beautiful as him, and because of that he believed he was the most beautiful butterfly in the world. When the conceited butterfly decided it was time to choose a wife, it flew through the daisies and clovers and headed straight for the roses. He knew that the prettiest butterflies in the meadow liked to linger on the roses at the edge of the field. Like butterflies, roses were the prettiest flowers in the meadow. The butterfly searched the deep red roses and found a small pink butterfly hiding inside. He complimented the pink butterfly telling her how pretty her wings were.

He complimented the pink butterfly telling her how pretty her wings were. The pink butterfly smiled and thanked the conceited butterfly for his compliment. When she spoke, her voice sounded like a hammer hitting a tin can. The conceited butterfly made a disgusted face and backed away. “I’m sorry! But I could never marry you. Even though your wings are almost as pretty as mine. Your voice is too high,” said the vain butterfly. And he flew away, leaving the pretty pink butterfly behind. tears. The vain butterfly flew out of the roses and then headed for a patch of purple lilacs. He knew that the second most beautiful butterflies liked to eat there. There was a purple butterfly perched on the lilac, its wings folded The vain butterfly was amazed at how well hidden it was because its wings matched the lilacs perfectly.

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He decided that he would like to have a wife who could camouflage himself so well.So the vain butterfly flew down and praised the purple butterfly, “God, you’re adorable! You are the prettiest shade of purple I have ever seen,” he said. The purple butterfly chuckled and its voice sounded like music. “Would you please fly away with me and be my wife?” asked the vain butterfly. “Oh yes!” replied the purple butterfly, spreading its wings widely. The conceited butterfly grimaced in disgust. The purple butterfly had a small tear in one of its wings. The vain butterfly turned away from her and said, “I’m sorry. I changed my mind. Your wings are not perfect like mine! It flapped its beautiful wings and flew away as the purple butterfly cried. Now all the other butterflies had chosen wives, and the meadow was nearly empty. The vain butterfly was about to give up when he heard a small voice calling him. He turned to a patch of daisies and saw a small yellow butterfly resting there.The butterfly had no markings on its wings and it was the smallest butterfly he had ever seen. His voice was tiny and lost in the wind.

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“I’m sorry! I haven’t been chosen to be someone’s wife yet!” whispered the little butterfly again. The vain butterfly laughed. He was laughing so hard that his wings were trembling. “You? Why would I choose you? You are too simple to be my wife! he is crying. And he flew away. Later that afternoon, after all the butterflies had flown away with their consorts, the vain butterfly sat alone among a patch of sunflowers. He let the sun warm his wings as he stretched them out in the bright light. He didn’t see the danger lurking behind him. Nearby was a young girl who had never seen a rainbow-winged butterfly before. She slipped behind the butterfly with a net in her hand. While the vain butterfly closed its eyes to take a nap, the young girl dipped the net over the sunflowers and picked up the butterfly. She gently dropped it into the jar and screwed the lid back on firmly. The vain butterfly flapped its wings with all its might, but it couldn’t escape. The girl took the jar home and placed it on her windowsill from where she could admire its beauty. Days passed, and the vain butterfly watched the other butterflies flying happily in the air. One day, the pink butterfly from the rosebush landed on the windowsill. The conceited butterfly pressed its rainbow wings against the glass.

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“Help me!” he is crying. “My voice is too high to help,” she said and flew away. Later, the purple butterfly from the lilac landed on the windowsill. “Help me please!” cried the vain butterfly. “I can’t help!” My wing has a tear,” she said and flew away. Time passed and the vain butterfly had given hope of escaping one day. Then, one day, the little yellow butterfly that the vain butterfly had made fun of landed on a windowsill. “Could you help me?” asked the vain butterfly in a sad voice. “I will try!” said the yellow butterfly. She flew to the other side of the jar and pushed with all her might. Very slowly, the jar moved towards the edge of the window. Suddenly the pot fell through the window and landed on the ground below. The glass shattered and the vain butterfly flew out of the trap. “Thank you! You saved me,” the conceited butterfly cried happily. The yellow butterfly blushed, and at that moment, the vain butterfly thought that the yellow butterfly was the most beautiful butterfly he had ever seen. I was wrong. You are not simple, you are beautiful! Will you forgive me for being so vain? Will you marry me?” He asked. “I would like to marry you!” cried the yellow butterfly. And wing to wing, they flew together into the sunset.