The Tiger And The Golden Bangle

The Tiger And The Golden Bangle Story For Kids, The Tiger And The Golden Bangle Story For Kids In English. The Tiger And The Golden Bangle Story For Kids In Hindi.

The Tiger And The Golden Bangle Story

Once upon a time there was a thick forest that was home to many wild animals. The forest was extremely dense and huge which was surrounded by many trees. The inhabitants of the neighboring villages had to cross this forest to reach the other villages. One day, a wealthy merchant was walking through the same forest. He wore a solid gold bracelet on his wrist. A tiger was hiding in the tall grass near the path. The merchant didn’t notice. As the merchant got close enough, the tiger pounced on him and killed him. After feasting on the merchant’s flesh, the tiger didn’t know what to do with the gold bracelet.

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So he kept it with him. Years passed after this incident and the tiger grew older and weaker. He could no longer hunt prey. Therefore, he started thinking of a way to get his food. He remembered the gold bracelet he had on. He thought, “I heard that human beings are very fond of gold. I have to test and confirm this. Maybe I can use bystanders and kill them. This way I will have enough to eat and I will survive the rest of the days of my life! “. So the tiger took the gold bracelet and sat near the path that ran through the forest. The tiger stayed there for a long time but no one passed.

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After a long time, a poor smart man named Gopal came down the forest path. As he walked, he heard a noise coming from the tall grass near the path. To his surprise, the tiger came out of the tall grass. Gopal got scared and he backed off. But the tiger said, “My friend! Don’t be afraid of me. Come here and take me this gold bracelet. Gopal got scared and thought the tiger was a wild animal. He didn’t want to lose his life. The tiger said, “Everything you say is true because tigers are fierce animals but look at my condition now. I became very weak.

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I have killed many people and animals in my life and am repenting of my sins now. As a form of repentance, I want to give this gold bracelet to a human being. The man thought for a while, his mind was full of greed and he lost his ability to think. So he approached the tiger. The evil tiger waited for Gopal to approach and then pounced on him. Gopal died instantly and the tiger had a good feast that day. The tiger thought to use the same trick with all the passers-by in the forest and he did. Finally, in this way, the tiger began to live a happy life.

The Tiger And The Golden Bangle Story Moral

Never Become A Slave To Greedy.