The Tortoise And The Eagle

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The Tortoise And The Eagle Story

A young turtle was lazing by the river watching the birds fly overhead. He looked at them and began to think aloud! “I wish I could fly like those birds high in the sky and see the beautiful scenery and the beauty of the world from the top of the world. Oh, I wish that so much,” the turtle said. Nearby, an eagle sat on a Listening to what the turtle was thinking out loud, she couldn’t resist but asked, “Why do you want to fly? You should be satisfied with what you are good at! “I wish I could fly, without have to crawl on the ground,” replied the tortoise. The eagle said to him, “So say you want to fly because you don’t want to crawl, not because you want to see the world from the sky. , what will I get in return for flying you through the sky?” The turtle promised the eagle to give him the riches of gold from the red sea.

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So the eagle grabbed the turtle in his claws and flew high in the sky making him see all the beautiful landscapes of the world, flying higher in the clouds and closer to the stars. was indeed a fascinating moment for the turtle. While the eagle flew above the river bank, the rest of the turtle basked in the sun. Suddenly, the turtle flying high in the sky said, “I wish my friends could see me flying so high in the sky. I’m sure they would get jealous looking at me! The eagle asked, “Why would you want your friends to get jealous of you?” The turtle replied, “I want them to see that I can fly and they can’t!” It’s such a nice feeling!” “What a bad friend this turtle is!” thought the eagle.

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With that, the eagle dropped him to the ground and asked for his treasure. There’s no reward! I was just joking about the gold so you could take me for a ride. And with that, the turtle left. The eagle couldn’t take his insult and decided to give it to him. a lesson. So the next day, the eagle went to the turtle and said, “Hey! Would you like to take another ride in the sky?” Sure! I would love to,” the turtle said happily. The eagle picked it up again and clutched it in its claws. The turtle, while enjoying the ride, said to the eagle, “Why did you take me back for a ride when I broke my promise to reward you?”

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The eagle said, “It’s because you wanted to make your friends jealous but at my expense and now I’m going to let you enjoy the freefall.” The eagle let go of its claws and the tortoise fell down crying for help and no longer flew. He crashed to the ground with a thud. Thanks to the shell, he was not injured. Soon, his friends surrounded him and said, “Hey! Our young friend! You wanted to see the world from above in the sky. Dreaming big is not a sin but dreaming it at the expense of others is not justified! The turtle felt sorry and had learned the lesson now! He thanked the god for what he had blessed him with because it was his shell that saved his life.

The Tortoise And The Eagle Story Moral

One Should Think About The Consequences Before One Wishes For Something.

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