The Paper Kite

The Paper Kite Short Story

A beautiful kite soared high in the sky. It was brightly colored, with long curly tassels and a long cord.

The Kite was so high, above all the trees and other kites, that he was dizzy with excitement.

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Admiring himself, he said loudly: “Oh, look how I fly so gracefully! If I were free, I could go far.”

The kite pulled on the rope, as it wanted to fly right through the clouds and over the eagles.

However, the rope was strong and held him tightly.

The kite tugged impatiently at the rope again, and it snapped.

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The Kite was full of joy. He tried to fly higher, but suddenly began to fall. The Kite struggled to stay on top, but continued to fall.

Freed from the rope, the kite became too heavy and could not control itself. He was carried to the sea and washed away by the tide.

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The kite screamed, “Poor me! I wanted to fly higher and higher. Look what I got for being so proud.”

The Paper Kite Short Story Moral

The proud and the careless always suffer.