The Broken Cup

The Broken Cup Story

A Long Time Ago, A Zen Master Was Presented With A Beautifully Made Crystal Bowl, It Was A Gift From A Former Student To Whom He Was Very Grateful Every Day When He Liked To Drink From His Glass.

He Showed It To Visitors And They Told Them About The Kindness Of Their Student, But Every Morning He Held The Cup In His Hand For A Few Seconds And Reminded Himself That This Glass Had Already Been Broken.

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So, One Day A Clumsy Visitor Knocked The Glass Over On The Shelf, And The Cup Fell When It Fell To The Floor, It Was Smashed Into Thousands Of Tiny Ones.

The Rest Of The Visitors Gasped And Shook, But The Zen Master Remained Calm, Looking At The Mess Under His Feet, He Said: Oh Yes, Let’s Start, He Took A Broom And Began To Sweep.

The Broken Cup Story Moral

In Life, You Will Always Have A Moment In Life When You Feel That Your Whole Life Is Broken Into Thousands Of Tiny Pieces You Feel Despair You Feel Lost You Feel Defeated You See No End You See No Way Out.

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I Do Not See Darkness May End And The Sun May Shine Again, But Half Of The Happiness Is OK With What You Don’t Get, And The Other Half Is With The Loss Of What You Have, This Is A Real Zen Person Who Remembers.

Be Grateful That His Property Is Ahead, But The One Who Knows That His Property Is Short-lived Ahead Of Him Will Still Be The Second Person Who Appreciates What You Have, But Always Remember That Nothing Lasts Forever.

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