Ant and The Fly

Ant and The Fly Story

Once the Ant and the Fly had a fight over who was the most important.

The fly said: “Ant! Who do you think you are? How can you even think about comparing yourself to me? Look at me! You have to work hard, but I spend time with the rich and the learned.

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I fly into temples and taste offerings. I can sit on the king’s crown and kiss the queen’s forehead. I don’t work, but I have a better life!”

The ant replied: “Don’t be proud! You are always hated when you enter temples. You have driven away as soon as you sit on the crown of the King or on the forehead of the Queen. You have nothing left for hard times because you are lazy. In winter you eat a pile of cow dung.

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Look at me! I work hard and stock up on grain for the winter. Later, when you are shivering from the cold, I am safe and calm in my cozy home. I am ready to live at any time of the year.

Ant and The Fly Moral

Look at your own faults before looking for faults in others.