The Iron Eating Mice

The Iron Eating Mice Story

Allan and Bailey were childhood friends. They grew up to be successful merchants. Their homes were filled with luxury living. It so happened that once Allan suffered a big loss in his business. He decided to move to another city to find a new livelihood, earn some money and return to his hometown to start a new business.

Allan took the iron log inherited from his ancestors and went to Bailey’s house. There He said, “Dear friend, I would like to pawn this heavy and precious beam for some money. I need money to invest in a small business in the city.”

“You don’t have to ask, dear friend,” Bailey said. “You can leave your property with me.” Thus confident, Allan went to town with the money, leaving the iron beam in Bailey’s care.

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Once Bailey thought: “What a heavy iron beam! It should weigh about 60 kg. Why return it to Allan when I can keep it for myself.” So he hid the iron beam in his pantry.

A few months later, Allan returned a wealthy man, as his solid investment paid off well. He went to meet his friend Bailey with gifts. He intended to return the iron beam he had laid.

Allan said to Bailey, “Dear friend, now I’m back, I would like you to take this money and return the iron log that I kept with me.”

“Oh my God,” Bailey exclaimed with an unhappy expression, “how can I return it to you? The mice have eaten your log.”

At the same time, Allan was surprised, because he knew that mice cannot eat iron. He immediately understood Bailey’s evil intentions. Showing neither surprise nor understanding on his straight face, Allan said, “Yes, my friend, it may be so, because all things in the universe are here at their appointed time.

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In any case, let it be. But now I’m going to the river to take a bath, would you be so kind as to send your son Ashley with me? He can take care of my clothes while I take a bath.”

To this Bailey readily agreed and allowed his son Ashley to accompany Allan. He did this because he was struck by his conscience because of his fraudulent act.

Allan took Ashley with him to the river that runs along the mountain. There was a cave in the mountain where Allan hid Ashley. He then blocked the entrance to the cave with a huge rock to prevent Ashley from escaping. Allan returned to Bailey.

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When Bailey asked about Ashley’s whereabouts, Allan said in a sorrowful voice, “Friend, I’m sorry to bring you this sad news. Your son Ashley was taken by a hawk while I was taking a bath.

“But that’s impossible,” Bailey said. “Has anyone heard of a hawk taking a boy? It’s incredible!” Bailey exclaimed.

“Why, dear friend,” Allan objected, “when I might be interested in the tale of the iron-eating mice, why don’t you believe what I tell you?”

Bailey then realized that Allan understood his deception. He immediately felt even more guilty and immediately asked Allan’s forgiveness. He promised to return Allan’s iron log, and Allan brought Bailey to rescue Ashley from the mountain cave.

The Iron Eating Mice Moral

Tit For Tat Is The Way Of Life.

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