The Mice And The Owl

The Mice And The Owl Story

Once upon a time, there was a wise owl. he made his nest in the hollow of a tree.

He flew to a certain tree every day and collected his food. Then he flew home and slowly enjoyed the food there.

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One day other birds asked him how he gets food so easily.

The Wise Owl said: “Once I was flying when I saw the half-cut bark of a tree. It was full of insects and mice. When I tried to catch mice, some of them ran away too fast.

So, I came up with an idea. I started feeding the mice wheat every day. The mice became fat and healthy. Then I bit off all their legs!”

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The birds realized that legless mice could no longer run. They waited every day for the owl to bring them wheat.

The owl brought them food every day.

Then every day he would take one mouse and bring it home to eat! Thus, Owl had a full meal ready and waiting for him. He never had to go in search of food!

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The Mice And The Owl Story Moral

Always make wise plans to make life easier in the future.