The Lion Going To War

The Lion Going To War Short Story

One day the king of the forest called for a meeting. He was preparing for war. He wanted to make every animal responsible.

To the elephant, he said: “Elephant, you must carry all the weapons of war on your back and fight With great strength.”

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Then the lion said to the bear: “Be ready to break in while the war is going on, we may need you if the enemy pushes us.”

He said to the Fox: “Your task is to unravel all the secret conspiracies.” Then He called the Monkey and said, “Make sure your tricks amuse your enemies.”

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While all the animals were waiting for their turn, one of them said: “What?

Using Donkey and Hare? They are too cowardly to fight. Send them home.”

“No,” said the king, “everyone has a role to play. Without their help, we would be incomplete.”

Then the king said: “The donkey will be our trumpeter to frighten our enemy. And then the Living Hare will bring home an account of our victory.”

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Thus, the wise king drew all the animals and prepared them for battle.

The Lion Going To War Short Story Moral

Each is gifted with a talent different from the other.