The Moon And Her Mother

The Moon And Her Mother Story

One night the moon shone softly in the sky. From a height, she suddenly began to notice that people on Earth look very colorful and different from each other. She realized that it was because they were all wearing beautiful clothes!

She thought, “Oh, I wish I had a nice rainbow cape too!”

As morning approached, the sun rose. It’s time for the moon to sleep. But she went up to her mother and said, “Dear mother, people look beautiful in bright clothes. How I want to have a colorful raincoat for myself too! Could you make one for me?”

Mother Moon smiled at her and said, “My dear child, I would like to make a cloak for you, but how can I do it? Right now you have a new body, but soon you will start to increase in size and finally become bigger. Because of your changing size, you won’t fit into anything I make for you.”

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Luna, unfortunately, agreed with her mother. She then went to bed until nightfall.

The Moon And Her Mother Story Moral

It is always helpful to think about our desires in practical terms.

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