The Man And The Snake

The Man And The Snake Story

One day a man found a snake coiled on the ground. He got scared and was going to kill him. Just then, the Snake screamed, “If you want to kill me, you can, but before that, please listen to how ungrateful the man was!”

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The man agreed.

Soon the cow came. The snake asked the cow what she thought of the man. The cow said: “I refused milk to my little

Calves and given male milk for many years. I don’t even get a “thank you” in return.

The man said, “We are fools, if we are listening to this old, stupid cow, let’s ask the ox.” The bull said, “I worked hard in the fields most of my life, but all I got from my master in return was only beatings!”

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Then they asked the tree. The Tree Said: “I Gave Fruits, Flowers and Shelter to Man. But one day my branches were cut down by the same person for firewood.”

After the man heard them, he thought we were so selfish! Snake, you’re free. I apologize for all the trouble we have caused to the animals and trees.”

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The Man And The Snake Story Moral

Be grateful to everyone who helps you.