Short Stories For Kids

Short Stories For Kids

Here are some of the best Short Stories For Kids in English you might like to read. i hope you enjoyed it all and all of them were quite interesting and useful.

Boy And The Wolf

Boy And The Wolf
Boy And The Wolf

One Day The Boy Got Bored Watching The Village Sheep Graze On The Hillside. To Amuse Himself, He Sang: “Wolf! Wolf! The Wolf Is Chasing The Sheep! “

Hearing The Scream, The Villagers Ran Up The Hill To Chase The Wolf Away. But When They Arrived, They Did Not See The Wolf. The Boy Was Surprised To See Their Angry Faces.

“Don’t Cry Like A Wolf, Boy,” The Villagers Warned, “when There Is No Wolf!” They Walked Down The Hill In Anger.

Later, The Shepherd Boy Shouted Again: “Wolf! Wolf! The Wolf Is Chasing The Sheep! To His Amusement, He Watched The Villagers Come Running To The Hill To Scare The Wolf Away.

Seeing That There Was No Wolf, They Sternly Said: “Save Your Frightened Cry When There Really Is A Wolf! Don’t Cry “wolf” When There Is No Wolf! But The Boy Grinned At Them As They Walked Down The Hill Again.

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Later, The Boy Saw A Real Wolf Sneaking Around His Pack. Alarmed, He Jumped To His Feet And Shouted As Loudly As Possible: “Wolf! Wolf! “But The Villagers Thought That He Was Deceiving Them Again, And Therefore Did Not Come To The Rescue.

At Sunset, The Villagers Went To Look For The Boy, Who Did Not Return With His Sheep. When They Went Up The Hill, They Found Him Crying.

“There Really Was A Wolf! The Flock Is Gone! I Shouted: “Wolf!”, And You Did Not Come, “he Complained.

The Old Man Went To Console The Boy. Embracing Him, He Said: “Nobody Believes A Liar, Even If He Speaks The Truth!”

Boy And The Wolf Moral

Lying Undermines Trust – Even If You Are Telling The Truth, No One Believes A Liar.

Wolf And The Sheep

Wolf And The Sheep
Wolf And The Sheep

The Wolf Was Seriously Injured During A Fight With A Bear. He Could Not Move, Which Means He Could Not Quench His Thirst Or Hunger.

Once A Sheep Passed By His Hiding Place, And The Wolf Decided To Call Him. “Please Bring Me Some Water,” Said The Wolf. “It Can Give Me The Strength To Eat Solid Food.”

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“Solid Food!” Said The Sheep. “I Suppose It Means Me. If I Brought You Something To Drink, It Would Be Just To Wash Me Down. Don’t Talk To Me About Drinking.

Wolf And The Sheep Moral

A Person’s Ulterior Motives Are Easy To Discover If Someone Pays Attention To Him.

Control Anger

Control Anger
Control Anger

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Boy. This Boy Was Struggling To Contain His Anger. When He Was Angry, He Said The First Thing That Came To Mind, Even If It Affected People.

One Day, His Father Gave Him A Hammer And A Bunch Of Nails And Then Said, “Whenever You Get Angry, Drive A Nail Into The Fence In Your Backyard.”

In The Early Days, The Boy Used Up Half Of His Nails. Over The Next Weeks, He Used Fewer Nails Until His Mood Took Control. Then The Father Asked The Boy To Remove The Nail So That He Would Not Lose His Temper Every Day.

The Day The Boy Took Out His Last Nail, His Father Told Him, “You Did A Good Job, Boy. But Can You See Holes In The Wall? The Fence Will Never Be The Same. Likewise, When You Say Nasty Things In Anger, You Will Be Left With A Scar. “

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Control Anger Moral

Anger Is Like A Knife – One Of The Most Dangerous Weapons. When You Use It, The Wounds Heal, But The Scars Remain.

Well And The Dog

Well And The Dog
Well And The Dog

The Mother Dog And Her Puppies Lived On The Farm. There Was A Well On The Farm. The Mother Dog Always Told Her Puppies To Never Go Near Her Or Play With Her.

One Day One Of The Puppies Got Curious And Wondered Why They Were Not Allowed To Come To The Well. So He Decided He Wanted To Investigate It.

He Went Down To The Well And Climbed Over The Wall To Look Inside. In The Well, He Saw Himself Reflected In The Water, But Thought It Was Another Dog. The Little Puppy Got Angry When His Reflection Imitated Him, So He Decided To Fight It.

The Little Puppy Jumped Into The Well And Found That The Dog Was Not There. He Started Barking And Barking Until The Farmer Came To Rescue Him. The Puppy Learned His Lesson And Never Returned To The Well Again.

Well And The Dog Moral

Always Listen To What The Elders Have To Say And Do Not Reject Them.

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