The Ape and The Bee

The Ape and The Bee Story

Once a monkey saw a thick syrup under a tree. The syrup looked golden in the sun. The monkey saw more drops of syrup fall from the tree branch.

The monkey thought, “Oh! It must be honey!

The monkey looked up. He saw a hive high above him. He also saw the bees buzzing and working together to make honey.

The monkey wanted to climb up, break off a piece of the beehive, chew it and feast on fresh honey! But he didn’t move at all. He sadly remembered: Just last week I tried to steal honey from a beehive and got stung by evil bees! It hurt so much!

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The monkey sighed!

A bee flew up to the hive and looked at him. The monkey asked the bee, “How can you make such a sweet miraculous liquid like honey and at the same time carry such a terribly painful sting?”

The bee nodded wisely and agreed, “Yes, you know our good work tastes sweet; but you should also know that when someone tries to steal it, our anger can be just as bitter!”

The Ape and The Bee Moral

If you learn from your mistakes, you won’t suffer anymore.

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