The Bird Catcher And The Lark

The Bird Catcher And The Lark Story

One day a birder was setting traps in a meadow. A beautiful lark sat on a tree and watched him from afar.

The lark became curious and asked the birder, “What are you doing?”

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The bird-catcher thought that if he could lure the lark into a trap, he could sell it for a good price.

He thought for a moment and said, “Oh lark, I am planning to build a colony for all the birds and I am laying the foundation of my first home.”

Having set the trap, the birder went to a nearby place and hid in the bushes.

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Meanwhile, Skylark, who believed the man, flew into the trap.

Having swallowed the bait, the lark tried to fly away, but ended up in the bird-catcher’s trap.

While the lark was trying to escape, the bird-catcher came and put him in a cage.

“You’re a smart guy!” – exclaimed the Lark. “If you’re going to build a colony like that, then you won’t find many birds to settle in.”

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The Bird Catcher And The Lark Story Moral

Never trust your enemies.