Work Is Worship

Work Is Worship Story

One fine sunny day in winter, a grasshopper was basking in the warm sun. But he was very hungry as he hadn’t eaten anything since last night. So he was going to find something to satisfy his hunger.

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Suddenly he saw several ants carrying grains into the hole. He approached the ants and humbly asked: “Could you spare me some grains. I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday.

So I’m almost dying of hunger. ” One of the ants asked the grasshopper: “What have you been doing all summer? Why don’t you stock up on food for the winter? “

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The grasshopper replied: “To be honest, I sang songs all summer and therefore could not keep anything.”

The ant chuckled and remarked, “Then dance away all winter.” The grasshopper stretched out his face and walked away.

Work Is Worship Moral

So we say, “Work is real worship.”