Short Story

The Foolish Wolf’s Flute

A Large Flock Of Sheep Was Grazing On The Lawn.

The Wolf Stole The Lamb. The Lamb Tried To Leave, But Could Not. As The Wolf Was About To Kill The Lamb, An Idea Flashed Through His Mind.

The Lamb Begged: “Oh, Wolf! I Know I Will Die. Will You Be Kind Enough To Grant My Last Wish? “

The Wolf Asked: “What Is Your Last Wish?” The Lamb Replied, “I Love Music. Before I Die, I Want To Hear You Play The Flute. “The Wolf Agreed And Started Playing The Flute.

When The Wolf Stopped, The Lamb Said: “Oh, What Wonderful Music! Could You Please Play A Little Louder? You Play Much Better Than My Shepherd. “

The Wolf Rejoiced At The Flattery And Began To Play Louder. Meanwhile, The Shepherd And The Dogs, Who Were Looking For The Missing Lamb, Heard A Sound. They Came Running And Grabbed The Wolf. The Lamb Happily Trudged Off To His Flock.

The Foolish Wolf’s Flute Moral

If You Want, There Is A Way.

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