Short Story

Real Meaning Of Peace

Once Upon A Time, There Was A King Who Announced That He Would Reward The Artist Who Would Paint The Best Painting Depicting The World.

Many Great Artists Sent Their Finest Works Of Art To The King, One Of The Paintings That Stood Out From Many Others.

The Masterpieces Depicted A Calm Lake, Perfectly Reflecting The Snow-capped Mountains Peacefully Towering Overhead, There Was A Clear Blue Sky With Fluffy Clouds, The Picture Was Perfect.

Most Of The People Who Looked At The Paintings Of The World Of Different Artists Thought That It Was The Best Among All, But When The King Announced The Winner, Everyone Was Shocked By The Picture That Won The Prize.

In The Picture There Were Mountains, But They Were Uneven And Bare, The Sky Looked Very Angry, There Was Lightning.

It Didn’t Look Peaceful At All, It Seems That The Artist Mistakenly Presented His Painting Depicting A Storm And Not World, But If You Look Closely At The Picture, You Can See A Tiny Bush Growing In The Cracks Of The Rock.

In The Bushes That Mother Bird Built A Nest In The Middle Of The Harsh Weather Bird Peacefully Sat On Its Nest.

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Moral Of The Story

In Life, Peace Does Not Mean Being In A Place Where There Is Neither Noise Nor Peace – It Means Being In The Midst Of All The Chaos Of The World And At The Same Time Keeping Calm In The Heart.

The Real World Is In The State Of Mind, And Not In The State Of The Environment, In Which One Must Live From Within, And Not Vice Versa.

There Is Indeed A Better View Of The World Around Mother Bird, In Her Calm Despite The Chaotic Surroundings, Because Your Inner Calm Will Protect You When The World Around You Begins To Crumble Keep Calm And Stay Strong.

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