Keep Your Eyes Open

Keep Your Eyes Open Story

Once upon a time, there was a lion who was so old that he could not kill any prey for food. So he said to himself, “I have to do something to hold my stomach, otherwise I will starve to death.”

He kept thinking and thinking, and finally, an idea struck him. He decided to lie down in a cave, pretending to be sick, and then someone who came to inquire about his health would become his prey. The old lion carried out his cunning plan, and he began to work.

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Many of his well-wishers died. But evil is short-lived. Once a fox came to a sick lion. Since foxes are intelligent by nature, the fox stood at the entrance to the cave and looked around. His sixth sense worked and he knew the reality.

So he called a lion outside and said, “How are you, sir?”

The Lion replied: “I feel really bad. But why don’t you come inside? ”

Then the fox replied: “I would like to come in, sir! But, seeing that all the footprints are going into your cave and not a single one comes out, I would be foolish enough to enter. “

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Having said this, the fox went to alert the other animals.

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