The Master And His Student

The Master And His Student Stories Online

One day the master was walking along the bank of the river. Suddenly he heard a scream. He ran to the bank of the river and saw his disciple in the water.

The student waved his arms and cried loudly. Seeing Master, He shouted, “Master! Please help me. I’ll drown in the river.”

The master asked his disciple to remain calm. He said, “Son! Do not panic! I will find a way to get you out. But how did you get into the river?

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The student replied, “I learned to swim with a wooden beam. After a while, I felt that I could swim without it. So, I left the log and started swimming without it. The force of the current was very rough and I lost my balance.”

The master looked around for another log and found one lying on the shore. He threw it at his student and said, “Let this be a warning to you.

From now on, never throw away a log until you are sure that you have learned to swim without it.

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The Master And His Student Stories Online Moral

Do not make rash and hasty decisions.

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