Wolf and The Ass

Wolf and The Ass Story

Once upon a time, a pack of wolves lived in the forest. Wolves hunted animals every day in the forest and the nearby village, but they did not have a leader.

Therefore, one day the Wolves decided to choose a leader among them.

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Thus, the Wolf was chosen as the leader. Chief Wolf instructed others about the things they should do, but did not do them himself.

One morning the leader called all the other Wolves and said, “Dear friends! What I am about to say is very important. We must all be selfless, because being greedy is evil.

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So I made a law. While hunting, if you see that one of our brothers is hungry; then you will give him your food. “

The rest of the Wolves were very impressed. They said, “Listen! Hear! We have a great leader. We have to do what he says. “

The donkey, which listened to them, said: “O Chief Wolf! Let’s start the dedication with the sheep you killed last night and hid in your cave. “

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Chief Wolf quickly fled to his cave so that no one could eat his sheep.

Wolf and The Ass Moral

Do what you say.