The Fox And The Bramble

The Fox And The Bramble Story

Peter Fox was a grumpy and selfish fox. One day he saw children frolicking alone in a field behind a hedge. “They will cook such delicious food.”

He thought he was salivating. He was climbing the fence when he suddenly slipped and almost fell. He quickly grabbed a thorny bush to save himself. “Ouch! Ooooh! Help,” exclaimed The Fox In Pain.

The bramble pricked the fox all over his body and severely injured him. He rubbed his aching body in displeasure. The fox got angry and said to the bramble: “I held you for help, but you pricked me! I wish I hadn’t fallen on the fence.

The hedge wouldn’t hurt me like this!” The bramble replied, “You are so selfish! I saved you from falling. Instead of thanking me, all you can think about is making a complaint about me.

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the shots you have! To the selfish, the whole world seems selfish!”

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