The Four Travellers

The Four Travellers Short Story

One day a merchant, a nobleman, a shepherd, and a prince were traveling by sea. Suddenly there was a storm. Four travelers were thrown by the waves onto an unknown island.

Their clothes were torn and they lost all their belongings.

The prince cried, “It’s all because of our sad fate.”

The shepherd said, “Forget what happened. Now think about what to do next. We won’t achieve anything by crying, but if we work hard, we could go back home or maybe live here and make a nice home here.”

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The other three immediately agreed with Shepherd. They began to think about what they could do best. The merchant and the prince decided to teach. The nobleman said that he would open schools according to the subjects they taught.

A simple shepherd then said: “Why speak so impractically, we must starve until then? Think about what you can do here and now!”

Then he went into the forest, brought a bunch of branches, and took them to the market to sell. With the money from the sale, they were able to buy some food.

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The Four Travellers Short Story Moral

We need to be practical in order to solve problems.

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