The Tea Warrior

The Tea Warrior Story

Once Upon A Time, A Famous Tea Master Lived On The Mountain, His Skill In This Art Was Unsurpassed, And Many Came From Far Away To Sit In His Tea House. One Day An Impatient Samurai Burned His Tongue On The Owner’s Green Tea Into A Rage, He Challenged The Master To A Duel.

When The Warrior Drew His Sword, The Master Turned To His Young Disciple, All My Life I Was Only Brewing Tea, This Duel Is Undoubtedly My End. The Tea House Belongs To You, My Disciple.

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The Disciple Screamed, There Is No Master, Take My Sword In Front Of The Warrior And Raise Your Weapon As You Raise The Kettle.

The Master Slowly Entered The Courtyard And The Samurai Rushed To Attack, Then The Master Closed His Eyes And Steadily Raised His Weapon To The Sky With The Same Grace And Strength That He Commanded In Samurai, Panicked And Thought That This Old Man Must Be A Samurai Swordsman Who Had Escaped From The Tea House, Never To Return.

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The Tea Warrior Story Moral

In Your Life, Truly Mastering One Skill Is Much Better Than Trying To Learn Several Skills In Order To Seem More Formidable In Our World.

We Are Constantly Forced To Do Several Tasks At The Same Time, And We Can Adapt To Any Situation, But Which Really Makes Us Effective At Work, And Playing The Same Way Is To Find What We Are Really Good At And Devote As Much Energy As Possible To Developing In These Areas.

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To Remove All Obstacles, Do Only What You Like And Trust Your Unique Skills To Help You In Every Situation Of Everyday Life. A Life.