The Incredible Black Rain

The Incredible Black Rain Story

Raghu was never satisfied with anything. He had many friends and parents who loved him very much, but all Raghu could think of was what he didn’t have, or what he had that he was unhappy with. If someone gave him a car, it would be too big or too slow. If he had gone to the zoo, he would have returned disappointed because he was not allowed to feed the lions. If he had played football with his friends, he would have complained that there were too many of them for one ball.

What took Raghu by surprise was a giggling cloud of jokers. One day Laughter floated by and heard all the complaints of Raghu. The chuckles came to see. When the cloud was directly over Raghu, he began to pour heavy black rain on it. It was Chuckles’ favorite trick, which he played on grumpy little children. Raghu was not at all impressed with this new development, It just made him complain even more. He got even angrier when he realized the cloud was following him. Well, it went on for almost a week. Raghu couldn’t get away from the cloud and become more and more enraged. Raghu had a little friend, a happy and generous girl named Rama.

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Rama was the only one who was willing to hang out with Raghu all those black rainy days. All the other children ran away so as not to get wet and turn completely black. One day, when Raghu was at the limit of his powers, she told him, “Get up! You must realize that you are the only one of us who has a cloud of his own, and even better than it is raining. Black! We could play some fun games with a cloud-like that, don’t you think?” Since Rama was his only company these days and he didn’t want her to leave like the others did, Raghu reluctantly agreed. Rama took him to the pool and left him there until all the water in the pool turned black.

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Then she went and had other children. they came and played in the pool. The fact that the water was black meant they could play hide and seek! Reluctantly, Raghu had to admit that it was a lot of fun, but it was even more fun to play wet cat. Raghu would find cats and run alongside them. When the cats felt wet, they jumped in the craziest way and ran at top speed with funny expressions on their faces. Soon all the children in the city gathered around Raghu, thinking of new games they could play with the help of the cloud. For the first time, Raghu began to see the positive side of things, Even what at first seemed so bad.

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Giggling, Joker Cloud, Thought he could leave now, His Work was Done. But before leaving, he gave Raghu two days of colorful rain, with which the children came up with the most fun games. When Chuckles finally left, Raghu didn’t complain. Now he knew to focus on the good things in life, and the good thing about Chuckles leaving was that Raghu was no longer soaked through all day. Now he could go and do dry things, and that’s exactly what he did.