Rabbit The Hunter

Contents Of The Story

Rabbit The Hunter Story

One day a hunter rabbit went hunting. Suddenly he saw a trail of large footprints and thought they belonged to a giant. He found nothing to hunt in the forest and thought that the giant must have hunted everyone.

The hunter rabbit returned home empty-handed and ate the berries for dinner. The next day, the hunter-bunny left early, but found nothing. He is tired of eating berries. “I have to do something,” He declared. This time he decided to put up a net.

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But the next day, the hunter rabbit discovered that a hole had been made in the net. The hunter rabbit’s grandmother was a sorceress. “I will make you a magic net that cannot be cut,” she said.

The next morning, when the Hunter Rabbit went to look at his net, he saw a blinding light coming from it. Alas! He took over the sun! The sun said: “Let me out, otherwise the world will forever remain dark!”

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The hunter rabbit quickly released the sun. The sun kicked the hunter-bunny on its shoulders in anger, and the heat turned them brown. That’s why rabbits have brown shoulders and still eat berries.