A Day With Pigs

A Day With Pigs Story

There was a boy who never dressed when his parents told him to and didn’t wear what they wanted after bathing. He preferred to dress much more unusually, but most of all he liked to take his time.

His parents were always in a hurry and wanted him to be much faster, but the boy did not like it, and he slowed down even more. One day his parents were in their usual rush and got so angry when he refused to get dressed that they told him he would have to go out naked.

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The boy didn’t mind this. So they went. While the boy was standing naked outside his house, waiting for his parents to bring a car, a local pig farmer showed up. The pig farmer had poor hearing and poor eyesight.

Not only that, he also forgot to put on his glasses that day. When he saw the little boy’s pink skin, he thought it was one of his pigs. And with a little yelling and pushing and pushing, the farmer managed to get the boy safely back to the pigsty.

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All the way the boy protested, but since the farmer was almost deaf, his complaints did not help him. And so he was there all day, living among the pigs, believing himself to be a pig, and sharing food and a home with them. Finally, his parents found him.

The boy had such an unfortunate day that he never again wanted to be mistaken for anyone other than a person.

Now he gets dressed first and looks perfectly neat and tidy, just like those kids in the clothing catalogs.

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