The Eagle And The Arrow

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The Eagle And The Arrow Story

Once upon a time there was an eagle that lived in the forest. It was a strange creature. He had fun teasing and scaring the little birds. The poor little birds cowered in fear and tried to fly away. Eagle then burst into a piercing laugh and flapped its wings in contempt. “I am the king of the sky. How you are all afraid of me! he exclaims.

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Not all the birds liked the Eagle and all thought he was very mean, because the other eagles only swooped down on the little birds when they were hungry. Once it happened that a group of parrots was flying in the sky, and the Eagle decided to scare them. He came swooping down on them unexpectedly. The parrots screamed and scattered in different directions. But, just then, the Eagle’s sharp ears picked up a hiss. He turned around and saw that an arrow was coming towards him. This arrow was not intended for him, but for the parrots.

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The eagle turned away but the parrots had flown away. Swick! And the arrow hit the Eagle right in the heart and he started flying down to the ground. “Oh no! I don’t want to die! I still have so many years to live!” said the eagle. But, he was losing his blood very quickly. murderous arrow. It was adorned with one of its own feathers. “Oh my God! No!” said the Eagle as he died.

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The Eagle And The Arrow Story Moral

We Often Give Our Enemies The Means Of Our Own Destruction.