Owl and The Nightingale

Owl and The Nightingale Story

Once an Owl lived in an old ruined temple.

The temple had a large library. It was full of books on history, literature, and religion. The owl studied these books all day. Over time, he took great pride in his knowledge. Now he considered himself the smartest of all creatures.

Thus, the Owl read library books every day, and then pretended to be immersed in deep wise thoughts. On one of these days, the Owl sat on a tree near the temple with half-closed eyes.

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Suddenly a nightingale came up and sat down on the same tree. Soon she began to sing in her gentle voice.

The Owl immediately opened his eyes and said to the Nightingale: “O proud nightingale, stop singing! Can’t you see what I think of wise things? Your stupid song worries me! “

To this, the Nightingale replied: “You stupid owl! Do you think you will become scientists just by reading a few books and pretending to be wise? Only the smart ones know how sweet my songs are. Only they can sincerely admire my voice. “

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Owl and The Nightingale Moral

Learn from books and everything around you.

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