The Wonderful Musician

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The Wonderful Musician Bedtime Story, The Wonderful Musician Bedtime Story In English. The Wonderful Musician Bedtime Story In Hindi.

The Wonderful Musician Story

Once upon a time in a great forest, far, far away, a wonderful musician with his violin. He had walked for a long, long time, all alone. One day he wished he had company along the way. He sat near a tree and played the violin. A big wolf passed right away. “I would like you to teach me to play like that,” said the wolf. But the musician did not want a wolf’s companion. So they walked together for a while, and at the first chance he got, he tricked the wolf into getting trapped inside the oak tree. Time passed and the musician walked.

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He started to feel lonely again. So he sat by a tree and played the violin. A fox heard her beautiful music and passed by. But the musician did not want a fox’s companion. So they walked for quite a while. But the first chance he had, he tied the fox’s hands to two bushes and left him there. He started to walk again but soon found himself alone. He was playing the violin near the tree hoping someone would stop. And a hare did, but he didn’t want a hare’s mate. As they passed, he tricked him into tying himself to a tree. He felt alone again and played the violin near the tree.

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And this time, a lumberjack heard his song and passed by. The musician was happy because he was a human and not a beast and didn’t notice they had company. In the meantime, the wolf had freed himself. And he had done the same for the fox and the hare. But just as they were about to attack the wonderful musician, the woodcutter raised his ax and stood right between them. The animals ran away because they were scared and they never came back. The musician played another song for the lumberjack, then continued on his way.

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