Prince And Pauper

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Prince And Pauper Story For Kids, Prince And Pauper Story For Kids In English.

Prince And Pauper Story

Once upon a time there was a son born to a king and a queen. His name was Edward, and everyone in the palace rejoiced and blessed the child prince. That same day, another baby boy was born into a very poor family. His name was Tom. Her family was so poor that they rarely had enough money to buy food. Prince Edward always had plenty of food and nice clothes. The king adored his only son and raised him in comfort and love. Tom grew up poor and hungry and had to beg strangers for a bite to eat. His father was cruel and mean. Tom was upset and left the house and wandered the streets aimlessly until he found himself in front of a magnificent palace. The guards prevented him from entering the palace. At that time, Prince Edward was returning from a walk when he heard the guard’s angry shouts. But being a good prince, he ordered the guards to let him into the palace. The prince gave Tom lots of good things to eat.

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They decided to switch places. Tom hesitated but he didn’t dare argue with the Prince. The two boys swapped clothes and they were amazed at how much they looked alike. Dressed as a poor man, the prince left the palace because he wanted to see the outside world. The guard frowned angrily. The guard threw the prince out of the castle. Meanwhile, Tom’s father, who was looking for him in the streets, sees the prince and rushes towards him. He mistreated the Prince as always. And at the palace, Tom was not much better off. Even though he tried to say he wasn’t Prince Edward, no one wanted to listen to him. Even the servants didn’t believe him. Tom had no choice but to continue his charade. The prince was beaten by Tom’s father every day. The prince was afraid of him and no longer tried to argue. As he walked through the village, the prince thought back to the things he had been through.

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He wanted to punish Tom’s father but no one in the palace would recognize Edward as the real prince. Edward continued to go door to door, but no one in the village would feed him. Edward continued to wander the village, but he couldn’t even manage to eat one meal a day. Several days passed like this. One day, Edward came across a knight from a neighboring country whom he had met before. Once, they had taken part in an archery competition together. Seizing his chance, Edward reminded him of the details of their last meeting and attempted to convince him of his true identity. The knight accepted and promised to help her. He made the prince sit on his horse and they rode together to the palace.

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While all of this was going on, the king was dead and everyone in the palace was focused on Tom’s coronation. At this moment, Prince Edward bursts into the throne room. Tom was confused. He knew what his duty was, but he was afraid to go back to his old poor life. Finally, he made a decision and raised his voice above the din. He tells the truth. Tom said: “I’m not Prince Edward, he is!” Tom had always been an honest and decent boy. And so, Prince Edward was crowned king. He was deeply impressed by Tom’s honesty and loyalty. He asked Tom to stay at court and knighted him. Tom became King Edward’s chief adviser and lived in the palace for the rest of his life. The prince and the pauper became as close as true brothers and ruled the country with honor and generosity, ensuring everyone was safe and content.