The Sun And The Wind

The Sun And The Wind Bedtime Story, The Sun And The Wind Bedtime Story In English and Hindi.

The Sun And The Wind Story

Long ago, the Sun and the North Wind argued over who was the greatest power in the universe. Everyone thought that he was the strongest and most powerful person in the world.

The sun would say: “I am the most powerful, because I can warm the whole world.”

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But the North Wind claimed: “I am the most powerful because I can blow mighty ships into the sea!”

“I say we will settle this once and for all,” wrote The Sun.

And now the sun was shining, and the north wind was blowing as hard as it could, but no one could tell who was stronger, because it was too bright and windy for anyone to see. Together they agreed that they would have to solve it with a test. They quickly looked around for something to test their strength on. Below them was a man walking along a road through the mountains. He was wearing a thick overcoat, which he buttoned tightly.

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The sun and the north wind decided that the winner would be the one who was the first to persuade the traveler to take off his coat. The north wind first tested its strength by blowing with all its might along the road. But the harder he blew his cold and roaring wind, the tighter the trembling man tightened his coat around his body.

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Finally, exhausted, the north wind gave up. The north wind angrily said, “If I can’t do it, no one can”

Now it’s the Sun’s turn. The sun smiled friendly at the traveler, illuminating him with its light and warmth. The traveler immediately took off his coat and warmed himself in the rays of warm sunlight. The traveler looked at the sun and smiled at the beautiful weather that the sun had given. So, the Sun taught the north wind an important lesson.

The Sun And The Wind Story Moral

Always be kind and warm to others.