The Cracked Pot

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The Cracked Pot Story

The Cracked Pot Story

The Elderly Woman Had Two Large Pots, Each Hanging From The Ends Of A Pole That She Wore Around Her Neck. One Of The Pots Was Cracked And The Other Was Perfect And Always Poured A Full Serving Of Water. At The End Of The Long Walk From The Stream To The House, The Cracked Pot Arrived Half Full.

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For A Full Two Years, This Continued Daily, And The Woman Brought Home Only One And A Half Pots Of Water. Of Course, The Perfect Pot Took Pride In Its Accomplishments. But The Poor Cracked Pot Was Ashamed Of Its Imperfection And Was Unhappy That It Could Only Do Half Of What It Was Created For.

After Two Years, Which He Considered A Bitter Failure, He Once Spoke To A Woman By The Stream. “I Am Ashamed Because This Crack On My Side Is Causing Water To Seep Back Into Your Home.”

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The Old Woman Smiled: “Have You Noticed That The Flowers Are On Your Side Of The Path And Not On The Other Side Of The Pot?” This Is Because I Have Always Been Aware Of Your Flaw, Which Is Why I Have Planted Flower Seeds On Your Side Of The Path. The Path, And Every Day, As We Walk Back, You Water Them.

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“For Two Years I Have Had The Opportunity To Collect These Beautiful Flowers To Decorate The Table. If You Were Not Who You Are, There Would Be No Beauty That Adorns The House. “

The Cracked Pot Moral

Each Of Us Has Our Own Unique Flaw, But It Is The Cracks And Flaws That Each Of Us Have That Make Our Life Together Very Interesting And Rewarding.

You Just Need To Accept Everyone As They Are And Look For The Good In Them.

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