The Blue Jackal

The Blue Jackal Story For Kids, The Blue Jackal Story For Kids In English.

The Blue Jackal Story

Once upon a time there was a jackal that prowled around looking for food. It was an unlucky day for him. He couldn’t eat a single bite. Tired and hungry, he walked until he reached a town. He knew it wasn’t safe for him to get lost in the city. But, the poor jackal was desperate. He had to get something to eat or he would starve. As he was walking inside the town, he saw food strewn on the side of the road. The jackal ran quickly and began to eat. Suddenly dogs noticed him and started barking. The jackal fled but the dogs chased him to the washerman’s house. The launderer was busy dyeing a set of clothes blue. So he had a whole pot of blue dye ready.

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The jackal did not see the bathtub and fell into it. When the jackal got out of the tub, he realized he was all blue. He did not know what to do. He hid under the pile of clothes waiting for the dogs to leave. After dark, the jackal climbed out of the pile of clothes and headed out of the city into the forest. In the forest, all the animals ran away when they saw him. None of them had ever seen such a strange blue creature and they were all scared. But, the jackal was pretty smart. He decided to take advantage of this situation. The jackal told the animals that he had been sent by the god to protect all animals. All the animals were influenced by him and decided to obey him and tried to keep him happy.

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They brought him food and water. The jackal had nothing to worry about. Every night the jackal would sit on top of the rock with all the animals sitting around him. He told them stories and tales. All animals loved their leader. One evening, while the jackal was telling them stories, he heard a couple of jackals howling. The jackal had not seen or heard of other jackals for a very long time. When he heard them screaming, he was overjoyed and started screaming too. It was then that all the animals realized that their leader was an ordinary jackal. They all started chasing him. But the jackal was already far from them and was running as fast as he could.

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The Blue Jackal Story Moral

He Who Leaves His Own People Will Perish.