Donkey And Jackal

Donkey And Jackal Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Wild Donkey In The Forest. He Had No Friends, And He Lived All Alone.

Once A Jackal Passed By Saw A Donkey. He Went Up To The Donkey And Said, “What Happened? Why Do You Look So Sad My Dear Friend? “

The Donkey Turned To The Jackal And Said: “I Have No Friends And I Am Very Lonely.”

“Well, Don’t Worry. I Will Be Your Friend From Today, ”the Jackal Consoled Him.

From That Day On, The Donkey And The Jackal Became Very Good Friends. They Were Always Seen Together.

One Moonlit Evening A Jackal And A Donkey Were Walking Through The Forest. The Evening Passed Cool And Pleasant. On The Way, They Came To The Outskirts Of A Village Bordering A Forest. Before Them Was A Grove Of Fruit Trees.

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“Oh Look!” How Wonderful And Delicious The Fruit Looks, ”the Donkey Said. “Let’s Eat Them.”

“Okay,” Said The Jackal, “but Let’s Do It Very Quietly.”

They Entered The Grove And Silently Ate The Fruit. After Eating, They Lay Down Under A Tree, Happy And Contented. “It Was Delicious, But Today Something Is Missing,” Said The Donkey.

“What Is It?” The Jackal Asked. “Well, Of Course, Music,” The Donkey Replied, Looking A Little Surprised.

The Jackal Asked: “Where Do We Get The Music From?” – Said The Donkey. – “Don’t You Know That I Am An Experienced Singer?”

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The Jackal Was Frightened. “Remember, We Are In The Garden. If The Farmer Hears Us, We Will Be In Trouble. If You Want To Sing, Let’s Get Out Of Here, ”he Advised The Donkey.

“Do You Think I Can’t Sing?” The Donkey Asked Resentfully.

“Wait Until You Hear Me.”

The Jackal Realized That The Donkey Did Not Want To Heed His Good Advice. He Left And Hid Behind The Bushes Of Trees. The Donkey Threw Back Its Head And Began To Sing. “He… Ha Ha Ha,” He Growled Loudly.

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Hearing A Loud Roar, The Peasants Rushed With Sticks And Brutally Beat The Stupid Donkey, Making Him Feel Depressed.

After The Farmers Left, The Jackal Approached His Friend. He Said. “Is This The Prize You Won For Your Singing?”

“They Don’t Appreciate Good Music,” The Offended And Ashamed Donkey Replied.

The Jackal Answered. “This Is What Happens When You Don’t Heed The Advice Of A Good Friend. Hope You Have Learned Your Lesson. “

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