The Poor Bunny’s Magical Presents

The Poor Bunny’s Magical Presents Story For Kids, The Poor Bunny’s Magical Presents Story For Kids In English. The Poor Bunny’s Magical Presents Story For Kids In Hindi.

The Poor Bunny’s Magical Presents Story

Once upon a time, in a distant country where many animals lived, a terrible drought took hold of all the fields and farmlands. All the plants had died and the fields had dried up. The animals were very hungry. A very poor rabbit was walking sadly in the fields. He was very hungry but had nothing to eat. Suddenly, with a bright flash, a wizard appeared in front of the rabbit. The wizard offered the rabbit a bag filled with small bouquets of flowers. “These are magic bouquets,” said the wizard to the poor rabbit. “If you use them correctly, the magic would be even greater. Use them wisely. The rabbit accepted the bag. Even though the rabbit was very hungry, he didn’t eat the flowers. He wanted to make good use of the flowers and their magic. On his way home, the rabbit came across a very old and very poor sheep. The sheep was very hungry, like everyone else.

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The sheep looked at the rabbit sadly and asked, “Do you have anything to spare?” The rabbit had nothing except the bouquets he had received a few moments ago. The rabbit decided to give one of the bouquets to the sheep. He was reluctant to give the bouquets, but the sheep looked like it needed them. In the end, the bunny remembered how his parents taught him to share his things, so he gave one of the bouquets to the old sheep. As soon as the rabbit gave the bouquet to the old sheep, the bouquet shone with a very bright light. The light was blinding! The magic worked! The rabbit continued towards his house, sadder than before. He blamed himself for having given the magic bouquets. At the same time, he felt better because he was helping someone who needed it more than himself. As he continued, he came across a blind duck.

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When the rabbit gave a bunch of his bags to the duck, the same thing happened again. The bouquet shone with a bright light. The rabbit then encountered a lame rooster. Once again, the bouquet he offered shone with a thousand lights. By the time the bunny arrived home, he only had one bouquet left in the bag. He was quite sad. The rabbit told his parents everything about the wizard, the magic bouquets and what he had done with them. The rabbit’s parents were very happy and proud. Because the rabbit had done what was right. Soon, the bunny’s little brother came crying from hunger. The rabbit gave the last of the bouquets to his younger brother. Then suddenly, in a blinding flash, the wizard reappeared.

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“What did you do with the magic bouquets I gave you?” asked the magician. The bunny started apologizing; he thought he had done something terrible. The wizard interrupted the rabbit and asked again, “Didn’t I tell you that if the bouquets were used correctly, the magic would be great.” Now go out and look what you’ve done! The rabbit came out trembling. The spectacle awaiting the rabbit was indescribable! The fields shone again with greenery. The farmland had enough water and food to feed all the animals. As far as the rabbit’s eyes could see, everything was lush green. The rabbit was very happy. He was happy with the way he was acting and that the magic of his generosity had brought happiness to everyone around him.

The Poor Bunny’s Magical Presents Story Moral

Generosity Can Often Be Rewarded In The Most Unexpected And Wonderful Ways.