A Mad Man In The City

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A Mad Man In The City Story

Julian finally left his village when there was no one left. He had never left his beloved village before, but intrigued by the fact that everyone had gone to the city, he decided to go and see for himself what miracles there are in these cities.

So he packed his backpack with a few things, put on his best smile, and headed into town. Upon arrival in the city, he was greeted in the most unexpected way. A couple of police officers stopped Julian and questioned him in detail. It turned out that Julian seemed “suspiciously happy” for someone with almost no possessions.

In the end, the police had to let him go, but they still regarded this seemingly simple and good-natured guy with suspicion. The first thing Julian noticed in the city was the hustle and bustle around. Everyone was in such a hurry that they thought that something special was about to happen that day that no one wanted to miss. Curious about what it was, Julian began to chase the man who looked like he was in a hurry to see what it was. Happened.

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However, after several hours of following him, the man arrived at a small apartment and went inside. He did not do or saw anything interesting that day. Julian slept in the park that night. The park was strewn with pieces of paper and plastic. Since the trash cans were completely empty, Julian thought how great it was that the city would seemingly invent paper and plastic petal plants. He only believed it until the next morning, when a man walked by and dropped the chocolate wrapper.

Julian continued to walk the streets of the city trying to figure out what was happening when he approached a group of large warehouses that included many people. This must be the best museum in the world, he thought as he walked in and saw all the useless-looking things they had inside. But then he saw people collecting these things, paying for them and taking them. “Why would anyone want a watch that doesn’t show minutes?”

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He thought to himself when he saw a very pleased woman leave with the most modern watch on her wrist. Much the same thing he thought when he saw a pair of incredibly high heels and then some kind of electronic device that did a thousand things, none of which were good. And again he decided to follow the lady with the watch. He saw her joy turn to disappointment as her friends looked at her new watch with disapproval.

Julian began to regret leaving his village only to come to this place where no one seemed happy. Then He saw several children playing. Now they really seemed happy, playing, running, chasing each other. Except for one child who was bothered by a small car they called a console. He beat him with his fingers so hard, made all sorts of faces, and gestured angrily that when one of the other children came up to invite him to play with them, the boy with the console just rudely walked away.

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Julian thought the boy was trying to destroy this little car because it made him so unhappy. He decided to help the boy. Julian walked over, took the console, threw it to the ground, trampled it, and looked at the boy with great satisfaction. At the same time, the boy flew into a rage, like all other children, and almost all adults.

They pursued Julian so mercilessly that he had to flee. He did not stop running until he reached the road leading back to his village. As he walked home, he couldn’t help but wonder if the whole world had gone crazy.