The Eclipse

The Eclipse Short Story

Once the Moon was under an eclipse of the Sun. There was darkness around the moon, and it could not shine in the light of the sun. Many hours passed, but the darkness remained.

The moon didn’t like being dark, so she complained to the sun, “My dear friend, what stopped you from shining on me like always? Did I do something wrong? I’m so dark and gloomy without your sunshine.”

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The sun replied: “I keep shining on you, dear friend, I’m sure there is some other problem.” The Moon and the Sun could not understand the cause of this mysterious problem.

Suddenly, the Moon saw the planet Earth standing between him and the Sun.

In anger, the Moon said to the Sun: “The planet Earth stands between us. He blocked all the light coming from you.”

Planet Earth saw the angry Moon and smiled mischievously at him. Instead of quickly getting out of the way, planet Earth slowed down its pace even more.

The moon got angry, and the sun and the earth laughed out loud!

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The Eclipse Short Story Moral

We all must follow the laws of Nature.

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